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Pittsburgh Stuttering is the only stuttering focused speech therapy practice in the Pittsburgh area. I am dedicated to providing comprehensive and compassionate speech therapy to individuals of all ages who stutter. I currently offer a choice of virtual or in-home services, depending on location.

What is Stuttering?

To the listener, stuttering is characterized by repetitions, blocks, and prolongations. But for the person who stutters, these characteristics only scratch the surface of what stuttering is. Stuttering can affect every aspect of a person’s life, from careers and making friends, to ordering food and making a phone call. Due to a fear of stuttering, avoidance behaviors often develop, which then prevent the person who stutters from participating in activities, conversations, and other speaking situations. 


There is no cure for stuttering. However, there are many evidence-based strategies that can be implemented in therapy to help achieve more effective communication. Treatment can help to reduce fear of speaking, increase confidence, and improve overall communication. I strive to help minimize the negative impact stuttering has on your life. 

Let me help you join that conversation, speak up in class, and make that phone call. You already have a voice. Now learn how to own it. Schedule a free consultation today!

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